StuttgARTS FreiRaum Podcast

Together with creative minded people here in Germany, we explore their stories, their passions and how they experience the art scene in Stuttgart.

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The first #1 On this episode, Olivia Larsen is talking to Kurt Lichtenberg about how we started the FreiRaum Project and our mission. Stuttgart is a city with a lot of creativity that we see too little of when we pass through its streets. We talk about our dream to get artists and art lovers out there and change the city to become the place we believe it can be.
#2 On this episode, Olivia Larsen talking to Anderson, a videomaker and colourist under the name “Made by Roots Media”. He focuses mainly on dance, sports and urban life. Dive in to learn about Anderson’s work and his journey!  

#3 On this episode, Olivia Larsen talking with Florian Amendt about working in the music industry and different aspects of sound engineering. Florian shares his experiences working with artists and how he started a career and now moving to the United Kingdom.
#4 On this episode, Olivia Larsen talking to Tomás Seballos Vergara. We are talking about his journey moving from Chile to Stuttgart and how Tomás is using different creative methods to express himself, we talk all about music, painting and journaling.
#5 On this episode, Olivia talks with Patrick Monkman about studying product design, current projects regarding urban areas, future work in the industry, and his thought about moving from The UK to Stuttgart. 
#6 In this episode, Olivia talks with Daniel Pérez Paredes about moving from Ecuador to Stuttgart, joining the Latin Dancing Community and how Salsa Dancing have influenced Daniel’s life. Learn in this episode how dancing can connect your soul and body.